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Ka Group Investments is a private and independent business group. Ka Group operates in the secondary market with assets in international mining sector (iron, copper, gold, silver, rare earths, etc.), specifically in the stock exchanges and official futures and options markets.

Our extensive experience in providing liquidity to securities allow us to offer a high returns immediately and a wide range of returns on invested and guaranteed capital.

We carry out the purchase of securities in the secondary market directly, without any financial intermediaries.

The conditions of purchase are fixed freely between the client and the entity depending on the invested capital and demanded guarantees.

In the secondary market, shares of securities are bought and sold between different investors. Therefore, an important feature is that the secondary market have a very high liquidity.

The secondary market is part of  the financial capital which are negotiated every time the values that have been issued in the primary market. The primary market performs issuances of securities placed between investors. These creditors, in turn, trade with these instruments in the secondary market.

The proper operational of the secondary market depends largely on the efficiency of the capital market in general, and the primary market or issue, in particular. If the secondary market does not exist, investors would resist to buy securities in the market issue, because then they could not get rid of them when they needed money or liquidity.

In the absence of a secondary market well organized, the primary market could only function precariously & the companies could not obtain of the market the financial capital needed to finance their long-term investments, which would result inevitably in a constriction of overall economic activity.

Even if the markets are the most important and most organized of the secondary markets segment, they are not the only ones. We also do off-exchange transactions tailored to buyers and sellers of securities, OTC "Over The Counter" which are not carried out in an organized market but privately between seller and buyer.

Central office:

Flat A, 11/F, Wah Koon Building

191 Hotlywood Road

Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Europe sales office:

Av. Meritxell Núm. 9

P.O. BOX 2020

AD 500 - Andorra la Vella

Principality of Andorra

E-mail: info@kagroup-investments.com

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On the other hand, as managers of own financial assets and third parties, Ka Group Investments offers a range of different types of investments in its various lines of actions and economic sectors:

Hydrocarbon technologies and projects

Information technology

Projects Ecosustainability

Real estate management

Ka Group Investments Capital is defined as intelligent for their contribution in projects, focusing its action on:

Projects across Europe.

Scalable projects, international expansion and high growth potential in any sector being the most predominant the Industrial one, because of our investor profile.

Projects in more advanced stages, which has already been given market entry and with a proven business model.

Corporate Finance

Ka Group Investments also offers personalized advice tailored to corporate finance small and medium enterprises. Contact us and we will make a plan that fits your needs:

Business Valuation.

Financial restructurings.

Financial refinancings.

Mergers, acquisitions and sales of companies and businesses.

Leveraged buyouts (LBO, MBO, MBI).